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Bhumi: Tribal threads, woven with nature


Rustic elegance at it's best - this is what Bhumi is all about! Svasa Design brings to you a special collection of cotton blouses in indigenous weaves - lovingly embellished with embroidered motifs. These pieces are made to last a lifetime. No matter what trends come and go, Bhumi blouses will always make you stand out for all the right reasons!

Bhumi #90


Bhumi, our exclusive range of tribal blouses. Each piece is a unique creation, featuring the one-of-a-kind Kotpad weave in a maroon, ivory, and brown. Embellished with thick embroidery in tribal motifs using ivory and rust threads, this blouse celebrates the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the tribes.

Bhumi #89


our latest tribal weave from the Bhumi range, a stunning Kotpad blouse in a rich Merlot hue. This rustic, coarse-woven fabric, crafted by skilled tribal artisans, embodies the essence of tradition and authenticity. The blouse features exquisite ivory embroidery, adding a touch of elegance to its rustic charm.This monochrome beauty is incredibly versatile.

Bhumi #88


Antique charm with our tribal weave blouses - a fusion of different weaves in mixed shades, adorned with vibrant embroidery on the sleeves in bright hues. Handcrafted with love, it is meticulously hemmed and features motifs from Kutch that beautifully highlight the sleeves with a fusion of vintage kalamkari. Embrace the tribal old world vibes with our unique collection.

Bhumi #87


Bhumi in stripes with a yoke embroidered in shades of pink.

Bhumi #80


Bhumi in stripes with a yoke embroidered in shades of pink.

Bhumi #77


White and black, and sheer elegance. Geometric patterns come to life in this gorgeous ensemble, which is both classy and versatile.