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Svasa Designs saree blouses effortlessly fuse aesthetics, comfort and sustainability. What began as a four-member team in 1997 is today a name that is synonymous with quality and elegance. While each piece we make is unique, we ensure that each blouse design is made available in an array of sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

‘Sustainability’ is a key aspect of our work and we prioritise zero wastage across our unit.

The ‘secret sauce’ to our success is our people – we are proud to share that our team of men and women trained in the crafts of tailoring and embroidery have been with us for over two decades, and continue to stand with us as true partners in our journey.


Amba: When detailed tailoring meets elaborate embroidery, a wide-ranging series of blouses — that can match almost any saree you own — is born. Amba is for the modern woman who seeks eclectic choices that match her moods. Explore our range of tastefully designed and embroidered blouses that can turn heads from the get-go.

Vritti: The Vritti range of blouses are the quintessential ‘bread and butter’ of every saree wearer’s wardrobe. Made from quality cotton fabric, with utility and versatility being the key aspects, these blouses are made to be worn for an entire day and then some. Ideal for making that subtle fashion statement without making too much of an effort.

Ekam: Ekam is an exclusive one-of-a-kind range of sari blouses made from comfortable cotton and embellished with colourful, lively details. These blouses are unique enough to stand out but comfortable enough to be worn for a full day. Each Ekam blouse is a single, exclusive piece that will not be recreated again. So, if you like something, pick it up right away!

Solitaires: Solitaires is our exclusive one-of-a-kind range of premium silk sari blouses. Designed with love, crafted from pure silk fabric, and embellished with hand-painted and hand-embroidered details, each piece is a rare gem. From weddings to formal dinners, these versatile beauties will help you carry off that special sari with aplomb. Each piece in the Solitaire range is a single, exclusive piece that will not be recreated again. So, if you like something, pick it up right away!

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