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Welcome to Svasa.......

where tradition meets elegance in the heart of every handcrafted creation.

Our Story Established in 1997 with a humble team of just four dedicated members, Svasa began as a small but passionate venture in the world of handloom. Each of our employees was meticulously trained in-house, mastering the delicate art of embroidery and various handmade crafts one step at a time. This commitment to skill development and quality craftsmanship laid the foundation for our growth in the world of handmade blouses

Our Craft At Svasa, we take pride in our specialization in creating exquisite handcrafted blouses, designed to complement and enhance every saree that you would drape it with. Every piece we produce is a testament to the artistry and tradition that we hold dear. Our fabrics and weaves are carefully sourced, ensuring that each material is handmade and handwoven with our eye on the finish at all times.

Our Growth From our modest beginnings, we have steadily grown into a thriving team of 40 skilled artisans and craftsmen. Our journey has been one of gradual, yet unwavering progress, marked by  an unyielding passion for our craft. Today, Svasa stands as a well known brand for quality and tradition in the handloom industry, renowned for our unique and beautifully handcrafted blouses completely created in-house.

Our Mission Our mission at Svasa is to preserve and promote the timeless art of handloom weaving and traditional embroidery. We work to  create pieces that not only reflect the rich heritage of our craft but also resonate with our passion for the craft.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Explore our collection and experience the magic of Svasa, where every thread tells a story.