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Tara : Colourful silks, exquisite detailing and elegant touches  - the Tara range of pure silk blouses are each statement pieces on their own.  Rich and regal, they complement all types of silk sariseffotlessly and are sure to make the werer stand out from the crowd.  In fact, we may go so far to say they will take pride of place only next to the ornaments in a lady's  wardrobe.



Gorgeous black ayiram butta in pure silk, flanked by teal sleeves featuring kalamkari applique and beautiful paisley pattern embroidered in pink. Unique combination of colours and patterns - coming together in a stunning ensemble!

Borders and Plains


A pure silk blouse with an ivory base and striking combination of fuschia, blue and teal. Temple borders and an embroidered neckline add an elegant touch. A classic blouse for all seasons and reasons.

Lines and Mirrors


A beautiful silk blouse in a rare shade of brown, paired with chevron patterns and temple borders. Tones of yellow and pink add a beautiful touch, but it is the tiny mirrors all over and the line of embroidered mirrors make it truly unique.



Beautiful black silk fabric with embroidered paisley and buttas, and appliqued floral motifs. Hot pink silk sleeves for the perfect contrast. 'Stunning' would be an understatement!

Paisley and Purple


Pure silk fabric in steel grey and eggplant purple make for a pretty picture. Paisley motifs, hand-embroidered patterns and tassels complete the look.

Gold and Grey


Benarasi silk in lemon yellow and pigeon grey in pure silk - a combination that is as elegant as they come. Subtle weaves, embroidered patterns and matching tassels act as the perfect complements.