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Dress to the nines…the RED DOT and all!

Perhaps the story of the DOT making a point blouses sounds familiar to those who have been following our blogs. This narration is not a sequence but rather an observation on the subject.

The enchanting evening provided me a peek into the Indian dressing sensibilities of styles cuts, designs and fabric. It was a moment of awakening as the twilight transported me to the effectively loaded celebrations of fascinating Indian colors, traditions and culture. Laughter, food and colorful Indian #ethnic wear was flaunted in #striking wardrobe of dazzling silk saris & #svasadesigns blouses, lehengas, shararas, ghagras, kurtis & salwar – kameezes. The varied range played host to #handcrafted embellishments.

The one fascinating common factor was the prominent BINDI, skillfully positioned between the eyebrows of the elegantly dressed ladies. Some matched their #garments while others boldly displayed one big @RED DOT on the forehead. To me the profoundness of the BINDI taking centre stage in the entirety of dressing in classic #hand embroidered clothes was one word; Masterpieces!

Now here is the thing; the history of how & when of the @RED DOT tells us of its cultural presence in the region of the Indian sub continent from ancient times. The red dot underlines a traditional bonding of long years, building a loyal relationship in the life of an Indian Hindu woman. Wearing the bindi as an everyday ritual is believed to retain energy and strength.

Identified by its emphasis on emotion and individualism, ethnic Indian dressing in handloom or silk from is incomplete without Jewelry, fragrant flowers and the traditional sindoora. The sindoor or vermellion on the forehead is called the pottu or kumkumam in South India, bindu or sindoor in West Bengal and other places. It is the ultimate elevation of the entire adornment practice that has come to stay through existence.

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10/27/2020 7:56 PM
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