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Every effort to stitch a blouse to perfection is a unique experience. This black linen with high collar spells comfortable wear for any occasion. It has pretty hand embroidered taka stitches. Light weight linen is put together with a black double Ikkat handloom cotton. For an ethnic appeal, beautiful wooden buttons have been put to display on the facade.
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SKU: TAK-001-2020
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- Size 42: Length - 15.5in, Bust - 40in, Waist - 34in, Shoulder - 15in,Sleeve Length - 6.2in
- Size 40: Length - 15in, Bust - 38in, Waist - 33in, Shoulder - 14.5in,Sleeve Length - 6.5in
- Size 38: Length - 14.5in, Bust - 36in, Waist - 31in, Shoulder - 14in,Sleeve Length - 6.5in
- Size 36: Length - 14.5in, Bust - 35in, Waist - 30in, Shoulder - 13.5in,Sleeve Length - 5.5in
- Size 34: Length - 14.5in, Bust - 32in, Waist - 28in, Shoulder - 13in,Sleeve Length - 5.2in

This product is handcrafted and embroidered. It may display certain unevenness

that is natural owing to human engagement in the process of dyeing , weaving and needlecraft.