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Blog posts of '2019' 'December'

Of Hope, Promises & Personal style!

Each month is a unique destination with the month of December being witness to contemplation and resolves, stock taking of milestones and accomplishments, of celebrations. This vibrant, charming month wraps up the year with hope into the future.

The season’s festive enthusiasm is in the air. Celebrations beckon and it’s time once again to change the décor over, bake cookies, bring in new wardrobe, gift, share and dwell in the warmth of togetherness with family and friends.

After having nurtured the endless list of duties and responsibilities with thrift, hard work and resilience, what better way to be rewarded than to be pampered like the Diva with a woven Saree of natural fabric in hues of the season? Bespoke handcrafted BLOUSE embroidered with traditional Indian needle-craft makes for a statement when paired with the elegant Saree.

Another year gone well, yet another Life lesson learnt…. Wear your exquisite personal style and Play the music on…!