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Ahalya: Timeless Kanjivaram blouses

Ahalya, our exquisite range of pure silk Kanjivarams with intricate embroidery. Handcrafted by skilled weavers from the heart of Kanjivaram, each blouse in the Ahalya collection is a masterpiece of tradition and creative passion.

Whether adorned with zari, featuring elegant borders, or in classic plains, these blouses are perfect for weddings, evening out or any special occasion.



our exquisite ivory pure Kanjivaram silk blouse, a true masterpiece of classic elegance. +Adorned with intricate Kutchi work embroidery in red around the neck and back. The Kalamkari border, smattered with tiny mirrors, adds a slight glitter, creating a pristine mix of traditional and modern hues. This blouse is a must and most versatile.



Pure silk Kanjivaram blouse, a masterpiece in ivory, emerald green, and ochre. 🌿✨These stunning colors blend seamlessly to create an elegant and timeless piece. The blouse features an embroidered border in matching colors, sewn vertically to add a beautiful sparkle to the woven borders.Perfect for any special occasion, this blouse is a true celebration of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Elevate your wardrobe with this exquisite creation. 🌟



The elegance of tradition with our Pure Kanjivaram Silk Blouse in Mazhilkazhuthu, a stunning peacock blue fused with emerald green. This blouse is timeless beauty with elegant craftsmanship. Elegant Petal embroidery along the neck in matching colors, adding a graceful touch. Pillow Tassels Beautifully embroidered to complete the look.



our exquisite green emerald pure Kanjivaram silk blouse, perfect for a touch of elegance and tradition. Featuring a deep round tie neck at the back adorned with embroidered pillow tassels, this blouse is a true masterpiece. Delicate petals and motifs embroidered in ivory and mint surround the neckline, adding a subtle yet stunning detail. The sleeves showcase a mix of woven borders on an ivory base with intricate red and green threads without zari 💚



Discover the epitome of sophistication with our black pure silk Kanjivaram blouse, adorned with a calming lilac korvai border. This exquisite piece showcases intricate embroidery in ivory and lilac threads, creating beautiful motifs on either side of a graceful slit at the back. The front design features a unique leaf-shaped neck delicately embellished with petals, adding a touch of refined elegance. Perfect for special occasions, this blouse seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern style, making it a timeless addition to your wardrobe.



The Magic of Dual Tones Introducing our Honey Mixed Olive Dual Tone Kanjivaram Pure Silk Blouse, a blend of culture and tradition. This exquisite blouse features an appliquéd Kalamkari border intricately embroidered with tiny mirrors, adding a touch of sparkle. Coiled fabric buttons enhance its charm, while a woven Sindoor Red border across the back creates a striking contrast. This unusual mix of colors creates the most magical combination for an evening wear or a special event. No zari Kanjivarams are our most favourite ones at Svasa