Of Hope, Promises & Personal style!

Each month is a unique destination with the month of December being witness to contemplation and resolves, stock taking of milestones and accomplishments, of celebrations. This vibrant, charming month wraps up the year with hope into the future.

The season’s festive enthusiasm is in the air. Celebrations beckon and it’s time once again to change the décor over, bake cookies, bring in new wardrobe, gift, share and dwell in the warmth of togetherness with family and friends.

After having nurtured the endless list of duties and responsibilities with thrift, hard work and resilience, what better way to be rewarded than to be pampered like the Diva with a woven Saree of natural fabric in hues of the season? Bespoke handcrafted BLOUSE embroidered with traditional Indian needle-craft makes for a statement when paired with the elegant Saree.

Another year gone well, yet another Life lesson learnt…. Wear your exquisite personal style and Play the music on…!  

A toast to traditional work wear

The coolest thing about looking good is feeling good with positive self-image being a bonus.

Work places today are demanding of good work wear. There are ample opportunities for folks in the work environment to learn together to look good since there is a big overlap between clothes, personal wardrobe and corporate wear.

Well informed colleagues are great influencers and the workplace is a great platform for sharing of information on good grooming which can help everyone to stay on top of trends in corporate wear.

Svasa Blouse look

The Indian Corporate scenario is encouraging of donning Indian attire, especially with women business hotshots willing to experiment between Western outfits as well as Indian or Indo - western.  The elegant traditional Indian Saree has always been a favorite in the corporate corridors. 

The colours of Indian handloom sarees  complete the look when paired off with hand embroidered blouses. Thefascinating aspects of these blouses are the subtle, corporate colours in natural fabric that display formal cuts of high round necks, boat necks, Chinese collars or stylish sailor necklines.

In East meets West industry interaction, smartly designed blouses are contemporary in taste and style that definitely go beyond the ordinary in corporate wear.

In- Tune with the eternities!

Designer apparels are a tribute to the cosmopolitan women of today. It’s that lovely peacock blue that wraps up so snug and pretty on the pink. That salmon pink is perfectly appliqued and handcrafted, lending an extravagant tweak to the texture. I breathe in the artistically embroidered works from Svasa, one remarkable piece after another.

Being in tune with preserving the heritage of the vast landscape of Indian textile, the effort to recreate designs from antiquity, by Indian designers has been a constant. The journey to the Seventh Avenue space in its entire splendor of natural fabrics and traditional craftsmanship is a serious involvement.

Conversations about ‘The Blouse’ have been a thing of the moment with Indian ladies. Scouting for the best seamstress is a relentless pursuit. The right fit, the neck patterns, the sleeves, the desired needlecraft and choice of colours, all of that in a tangent, must speak one language; that of a striking piece of art.

Crafted Blouses are made to measure, exhibit traditional handwork that never fail to bring back the warmth of the old world. A stylish garment is identified with lifestyles, trends and comfort fits as required by the body types that need deeper understanding, before being commissioned. At the creations, it’s a celebration of fabrics, from soft cottons, crisp linen to delicate silks and natural khadi.

The Svasa Design House has witnessed more than two decades of fashion evolution and presented bespoke blouses since. The inspired designs are woven stories to be paired with the matchless, elegant traditional Indian women’s attire, the Saree. The handloom hand - woven fabric, the well - tailored lines, with no compromise on quality makes it a brand worthy of going back to.