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SVASA recreates echoes from the past. A potpourri of extremely beautiful needlecraft from across India is showcased in each piece that is created. It’s a revival of delicate and eclectic, traditional threadworks of the bygone eras.

Come travel with us and discover the intricate motifs, elegantly hand embroidered and painstakingly crafted by SVASA’S team of artisans. They work diligently to rewrite stories around the ancient garment of India, famously known as ‘THE BLOUSE’, attire akin to a jacket. The BLOUSE is elegant in its form, complementing and paired with the world famous Indian wrap - around called the Saree.

Blouses from SVASA are unique, stylish and never fail to make a statement.

The fabric used by the design firm is AU NATURAL with woven handloom cotton, silk and linen being the mainstay. Colourful as well as pastel shades vie for each other in the creations. The materials used are across Chettinad cottons, Ikkat, Chanderi silks and numerous others. Traditional embroidery works of Kutch, Kantha, Aari, and Applique are reconstituted artistically.

Delivering bespoke, traditionally handcrafted designer wear blouses, SVASA imagines the possibilities and translates a garment to an exquisite piece that is highly worthy of a conversation. Here, the three elements of the delicate, the bold and the beautiful are infused to create a PIECE DE RESISTANCE.

Featured products


This bright Orange khun fabric in the back and front makes this blouse a lively festive wear. The black linen sleeves have been given beautiful patchwork of Kalamkari applique. The colourful double tassle at the back adds to the charm.
₹ 0.00


The rich colors of Khun fabric have remained traditionally versatile for gorgeous blouses. This Red khun has grey sleeves dressed with rich colors of applique works. The deep neck at the back has a support of colorful tassels giving it a a touch of style.
₹ 4,200.00


With a striking combination of green Chettinad and black Ikkath, this traditional set is designed to add that pop of fashion with elements of tassels at the back. The front has a U neck. The sleeves display traditional applique work.
₹ 3,500.00


Design is what design does and this well known Madras checks in reds, green and yellow weaves a colourful story. The piece resonates with tiny mirror works and a mango border. Palum Pazhamum checks is the home spun name of Madras checks.
₹ 3,250.00


It's pretty in its sleeveless cut. This rare Indo - western style in a blouse has a chosen combination of black Ikkat and beige hand loom fabric. The piece is classic that wraps up with handmade tassels at the back.
₹ 2,050.00


Mustard Loom fabric with Chettinad maroon has the back with selfcolour thread embroidery . The plain maroon handloom in the front has kutch work around the neck as also on the sleeves.
₹ 2,950.00


A rust coloured hand woven fabric garners attention to the exotic Baag black front with a boat neck. Mauve and black hand woven fabric on the back and sleeves gives this piece a unique appeal.
₹ 2,950.00


The famous khun fabric in orange takes charge in both the front and the back. Picking on black for its sleeves with Kalamkari applique work, makes it an outstanding garment. The multi- coloured flower handmade tassle adds traditional charm to the leaf drop back.
₹ 4,500.00


It's a light yellow mustered with pink striped Mangalgiri for the sleeves that steals the show. The back is adorned with hand woven pink and yellow border.
₹ 3,000.00


This sleeveless blouse is a show stopper in Peacock blue Khun fabric. Designed with a boat neck, the stylish over lappedback has boondhi edging.
₹ 2,150.00


This sleeveless blouse is a show stopper in Dark Mustred Khun fabric. Designed with a boat neck, the stylish over lappedback has boondhi edging.
₹ 2,150.00


Pin stripes are evergreen and when used for a blouse, it spells style. This handwoven black & white arrow Ikkat fills the front complemented by pin stripes back and sleeves. Gorgeous maroon vegetable prints neatly align the back while the sleeves are edged off with a rust zig-zag border.
₹ 3,850.00


Brilliant SHELL WHITE woven butta fabric makes a beautiful contrast with a maroon handwoven jacquard border. It has a sprinkling of tiny embroidered fabric buttons. The back has a paisley Mango motif in emboroidery that highlights the back with a leaf drop.
₹ 2,750.00


White and indigo stripes spells sophistication into this blouse. With a high pot neck, hand embroidered in indigo hues, this blouse is neat and classy. The printed sleeves are indigo dyed.
₹ 2,950.00

Allure - SOLDOUT

This bold black and grey Ikkat cotton has been aesthetically given a neat embroidery around its neck. The dark grey maroon floral hand painted kalamkari back compliments the indigo striped soft cotton. Tasteful embellishments of handmade fabric tassels add seamless charm. The elbow length sleeves are impeccably Kutch embroidered.
₹ 3,600.00


The famous khun fabric in colour of harmony, the vibrant VIOLET, takes charge in both the front and the back. Picking on black for its sleeves with Kalamkari applique work, makes it an outstanding garment. The handmade tassle adds a traditional charm to the leaf drop back.
₹ 3,500.00